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It's not ALL good, though, is it? It's more of  a sort of half recovery. That's what I read somewhere.

You've been reading the wrong papers, Jilly. 

Probably, yes! I've been staying with my sister in Cornwall. Her hubby's a terrible old leftie!

Well ignore him! For heaven's sake. We're coming out of recession! Finally! What's not to celebrate?

OK, but there was a chartie thingie which he showed me. I didn't really understand it, obvs. But it looked a bit like things were looking up for people like us — which is great. But that, you know . . . less affluent people were actually less less-affluent now than they were before . . .

Basic economics, Jilly. Affluent people always lead the way in these things. It's just how it is. Then comes confidence. Then comes . . . y'know. Trickledown. Jobs and whatnot. And by the way, I suppose you're including me in the "affluent" group, are you? Because God knows, if you saw my credit card bill this month . . .

All those scrumptious new autumn clothes after the summer hols? Don't remind me!

The point is, this country is finally getting its backside into gear, Jilly. And yes, life is unfair. And yes, some people have more than others. But we couldn't go on the way we were.


It was unsustainable. You can't have something for nothing in this life. And you can't spend money you haven't got. That's what Ed Miliband & Co simply refuse to understand.

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