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Party Lines
October 2011


It's obscene. When you actually STOP. You know? And actually take the trouble to THINK about it.

But people don't, do they?

They don't think.

They don't understand.

"Won't" understand, Di. Not "don't". Too  jealous. 

And chippy. The English are very chippy.

They despise success. It's the English disease, isn't it. " La Vice Anglaise." 

Ooh! I thought that was something quite different.

It ought to be called the 50 per cent Jealousy Tax.

Actually I thought "La Vice Anglaise" was about whipping and leather and rubber and all that...What was that guy called? The Nazi guy — Moslem, Mosborne, Murdoch — who got caught in the basement with  the hookers? And then the papers caught him —

Don't tell me! They probably hacked into his phone calls!

HaHaHa. Touché!

Nothing surprises me these days!

Who was the guy then? It wasn't José Mourinho, was it? He's too gorgeous! 

I don't know. The point is — we've got the super rich saying they want to be taxed more — if you can believe them.

Yes. Very funny!

We've got the "squeezed middle", quote unquote.

That'll be us, then.

It's everyone, Di. Except for Buffy. Booffet? Warren Booffet. Whatever. We've got the "squeezed middle", taxed up to the eyeballs. Paying 50 per cent on — I don't even know! Do you? What's the threshold?

No idea Susie. I just know we're in it!

Who isn't in it?


But it reaches the point, doesn't it — and this is what Ed Miliband and his chums —

What is wrong with that man's voice? Someone's got to tell him — if he just blew his nose it would probably help. Probably quadruple his vote share overnight!

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