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I just think she's incredibly brave. 

That's the main thing about her. Isn't it?

That, and the fact she isn't Cherie.

Well, yes. Sarah Brown's not so bad. She's brave, too. You have to admire her for that.

She is. Yes. I suppose. But she's got those awful legs.

Apparently, she's superbrainy too. 

Sam? Oh God, she's a star! Really, really bright. You can tell it straight away. 

No, Sarah Brown.

What? Oh. Well — and much good it's done her, Kitty! Frankly. Or her ghastly husband, come to that. She's like a sort of spinster schoolmistress. Don't you think? 

She is a bit. Or someone's old-fashioned English nanny. 

Yes! She dresses like one too, Kitty! She dresses like Nanny McPhee. I see her at all those fashion shows and I want to scream! Get out of the picture, you big, big...Nanny McPhee! You're disgracing the whole country!

Ooh. That's a bit harsh, Dinny. We can't all look like Kate Moss.

But we can try! Or failing that, we can stay away from London Fashion Week! She's not even trying.

I think she's very brave.

Remember how Cherie used to wear those hideous jackets to hide her lorry-sized bum? 

Cherie's a bit of a brainbox too, isn't she?

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