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I never liked her.

No! God no! Well, you couldn't, could you . . .

No way.

The unions and everything . . .

That's right.

She completely destroyed the unions.

Apparently. And then of course there was . . .

. . . Well there was the poll tax wasn't there?

Goodness, yes! The poll tax! . . . Oh dear . . .

You had to hate her.

Everybody did.

Imagine turning up at the Poly one day and suddenly saying, "I love Maggie!"

Or "I heart Maggie" as the kids say! . . . I don't suppose they even know who she is, now.

They're not really into politics, are they?

Not like we were.

That's right . . . Because you had to hate Maggie. Didn't you? It was sort of a "rule". If somebody actually "liked" Maggie-

They were completely uncool-io! Persona non grata and everything!

I told my kids Maggie Thatcher had died-you'll never guess what Leo said. He gave this little confused frown. He said, "Was she something to do with Jimmy Savile?"

Jimmy Savile?

Well. It's all history, isn't it? To the kids. It's all in black and white!

Maggie wasn't as bad as Jimmy Savile!

No. But you know what I mean. She was one very old lady. Who died. Just somebody b-o-r-i-n-g, who Mummy and Daddy seem to be nattering about this week. Kids don't really care, do they?

They don't. 

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