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Jihad on the march

Islamism and its victims: Douglas Murray, Michael Nazir-Ali, Emanuele Ottolenghi, Con Coughlin and Maureen Lipman

John Ware: Insid the Trojan Horse

Norman Lebrecht on Leonard Cohen

Iain Martin: All that's global isn't gold

David Goldman: Is the future Chinese?

Laura Freeman/Tim Congdon/Lisa Hilton/Katharine Birbalsingh/Mara Delius/Nick Cohen/Alexander Woolfson/Marina Gerner/Simon Heffer/Lucasta Miller/Nigel Biggar/Peter Whittle/Sheila Lawlor/Michael Prodger/Jacob Willer/Anne McElvoy/Rick Jones/Edward Skidelsky
William Norton/Daisy Dunn/Dominic Lawson/Mark Ronan/Christopher Fildes/John Mills


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