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January/February Issue Out Now
January/February 2013


Conflict and civilisation 

Andrew Roberts, John Bolton, Amir Taheri, Norman Lebrecht and Daniel Johnson reflect on past and present wars, cultural and military 

Michael Nazir-Ali/Lionel Shriver/Joseph Epstein/Geoffrey Robertson/Anthony Julius/Nick Cohen/Geza Vermes/Sarah Skwire/Tim Congdon/Anne McElvoy/Douglas Murray/Mara Delius/Conrad Black/Paul Johnson/Louis Amis/David Pryce-Jones/Fiona Pitt-Kethley/Patrick Heren/Erin Bannister Townsend/David Womersley/Dominic Lawson/Simon Heffer/Aidan Nichols/Joshua Rozenberg/Peter Whittle/David Platt/Michael Pinto-Duschinsky/Michael Burleigh/Emanuele Ottolenghi/Matthew Hunter/Michael Prodger/Daisy Waugh


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