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Become a Friend of Standpoint
Friday 28th June 2013


"We founded Standpoint to celebrate civilisation, its arts and its values. Too many magazines are happy to feed their readers the journalistic equivalent of fast food. In our first 54 issues we have  bucked this trend and found an audience that likes to be challenged. Five years after this magazine's inception, I invite you to share in our future success and join a group of people committed to serious-minded journalism by becoming a Friend of Standpoint."

– Daniel Johnson, Editor 

If you value this magazine's distinctive voice, then help to secure and amplify it by becoming a friend of Standpoint. In exchange for a £1,000 contribution, Friends enjoy a complimentary subscription, free entry to Standpoint lectures and invitations to event with the magazine's editors and writers.

Contributions can be made as charitable donations.

Email our managing editor Michael Mosbacher at


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